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We’ve Dropped Our Prices

We’ve Dropped Our Prices
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We’ve dropped our Hemp Oil and Capsule Bottle prices!

We’re so excited to share that we’ve dropped the prices of our Hemp Oil 330, Hemp Oil 1000, as well as our Hemp Oil Capsule Bottle on our website!

Why are you able to drop your prices?

We had our best hemp harvest ever in 2017

We control our entire manufacturing process, from seed to sale, from plant to pet.

This all starts with our hemp strain, PR-33, which is grown at the largest certified USDA organic hemp farm in the United States.

Our farming partners are multi-generational family farmers whose experience and innovation has allowed us to significantly increase our total acreage and to utilize more of our hemp strain, PR-33, than ever before.

Last year we were able to utilize 30-40% of our PR-33 hemp strain, and this year we were able to use 75% of our plant material. 

With more total acreage and more plant material to work with, we are able to lower the prices of our products without sacrificing any of our product quality.

We’re so excited to share these savings with our retailers and our customers!

How much did you drop the prices by?

Hemp Oil 330 — 100mg active CBD

Was: $39.99

Now: $28.99

Hemp Oil 1000 — 300mg active CBD

Was: $82.99

Now: $65.99

Hemp Oil Capsules — 450mg

Was: $95.99

Now: $78.99

Will the prices also be dropped in retailer stores that carry your products?

Yes! Our retail stores have already dropped their prices even more substantially on our entire product line based on the success of our hemp harvest.  The best pricing on our products will always be found in the 2500 local retail stores across the country who carry our product line! 

Have questions? Please contact us at info@petreleaf.com