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We’ve Updated Our CBD Hemp Oil Product Labels

We’ve Updated Our CBD Hemp Oil Product Labels
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Same products, new labels


We’ve updated our certified USDA organic product labels so you can feel even more confident about what’s in our products.

How is this new label different?

These new labels have all the same information as our previous label, however now they are categorized to represent the full spectrum of cannabinoids present in our products and not just the active amount of CBD.

Before our labels were categorized by the amount of CBD in the product:

Now, our labels show the amount of full spectrum cannabinoids contained in each bottle:

Old Labels

New Labels


Are the products the exact same?

Yes, the products ingredients, their potencies, and their dosage information are the exact same.

CBD hemp oil 330:


CBD hemp oil 1000:


Why did Pet Releaf make this change?

At Pet Releaf, we never use CBD isolate. CBD isolate is a common practice where the CBD hemp oil is taken from the hemp plant using extremely dangerous and even toxic chemicals. When this is done, the other cannabinoids in the hemp plant are completely destroyed.

In order for CBD hemp oil to be as effective as possible, every cannabinoid within the hemp plant must be present in the final product. This new full spectrum cannabinoid number found on our labels can ensure consumers that they are getting every cannabinoid found in the hemp plant when purchasing Pet Releaf products and that we never use isolate.

Because our hemp is grown at our certified USDA organic joint-venture farm in eastern Colorado, and extracted using a CO2 extraction method, AKA only pressurized air, to remove the CBD from the hemp plant, our products are the safest and most effective CBD products for pets on the market.

Still unsure of this whole label change? Email any questions or concerns to info@petreleaf.com