Why Pet Releaf is the best choice for your pet’s health and happiness

How to Use CBD Hemp Oil for Cats and Dogs

How to Use CBD Hemp Oil for Cats and Dogs
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Every tip and trick for making sure you’re giving your pet the CBD hemp oil they need.


How to give CBD hemp oil to your dog or cat

There are two different administration methods for giving your Pet Releaf CBD hemp oil:

The difference between these two products is just how the hemp oil can be administered. The organic CBD hemp oils are in liquid form while the capsules can be taken like a pill.

How much should I give my pet?

The amount you should give your dog depends on two main factors:

  1. Your pet’s weight
  2. What you’re utilizing the product for

It’s important to first base usage information off of your pet’s weight as an efficient starting point. However, if you’re utilizing our product to help your pet recover from a more severe injury, illness, inflammation, or anxiety you should start with our recommended usage and increase the amount of product given until you see desired results.

Usage information

 CBD Hemp Oil 330 — 100mg Active CBD (for dogs and cats)


Dog Weight             Hemp Oil 330 Usage

Up to 25lbs………. 1.5 droppers per day

26-50lbs………. 2.5 droppers per day

Cat Weight            Hemp Oil 330 Usage

1-15lbs………. 1 full dropper/day or as needed

Over 15lbs………. 1.5 full dropper/day or as needed

CBD Hemp Oil 1000 — 300mg Active CBD (for dogs)


Dog Weight            Hemp Oil 1000 Usage

1-25lbs………. 0.5 full dropper/day

26-50lbs………. 1 full dropper/day

51-75lbs………. 1.5 full droppers/day

76-100lbs……….. 2 full droppers/day

150/450mg organic CBD Hemp Oil Capsules — 15mg Active CBD per capsule (for medium to large breed dogs)


Dog Weight        Capsule Usage

40-75lbs……….. 1 capsule/day

75-125lbs………. 2 capsules/day

125-175………. 3 capsules/day

Since CBD hemp oil has no contraindications (won’t interfere with other medications) and has no negative side effects, your pet cannot overdose from too much CBD hemp oil.

How long until I start seeing results?

Results differ from pet to pet. Some pet parents see results within 30 minutes of administering our products while others don’t notice an impact until a couple days of giving their companion the recommended usage. In order to see the benefits of our products as soon as possible, it’s most important that our products are given outside of mealtimes!

When should I give my pet their daily amount?

You should split the recommended usage between the AM/PM and outside of mealtimes. Ensuring your pet is consuming the product 15-minutes before or after they’ve last eaten will allow the product to absorb more efficiently. We suggest dropping the hemp oil right in your pups mouth or place onto a plate or within a bowl for them to lick up!