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How CBD Hemp Oil Helped Save My 18-Year-Old Cat’s Life

How CBD Hemp Oil Helped Save My 18-Year-Old Cat’s Life
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“It brought her back to life”


We recently spoke to Susan Fritts, a Pet Releaf customer who says our 100 mg CBD Hemp Oil saved her 18-year-old cat, Spot’s, life.

The Pet Releaf Difference

“Spot..is my 18-year-old cat went downhill in July due to a kidney infection. She also had developed high blood pressure which caused her retinas to detach a few months before.

With her vet, Dr. Marty Edwards who says she has seen a real difference in Spot because of Pet Releaf.

I ended up taking her to the emergency room on a Sunday and she stayed there for 3 days on IV fluids and antibiotics. Her appetite was not the same when she came home.

I saw Pet Releaf at Unleashed Mutt in Cary, North Carolina. Came home and researched it, talked to you guys on Facebook and went back and purchased it.

It brought her back to life. She started eating like a pig, she was resting better, didn’t seem to be in pain. The most amazing thing is her eyes… This combined with her blood pressure meds…. Even my vet has commented on how much better her pupils look. She immediately started having normal bowel movements. Just amazing stuff.

We put my Dalmatian on it as well. He is in wonderful health for 13 but has gotten very snappy towards the other dogs… Pet Releaf helps him relax at night. We also use the Pet Releaf Edibites for our dogs that are scared of thunderstorms… We have 10 dogs and two cats (we do rescue work). So we keep the 100 mg oil for the cat, 300 mg oil for my Dalmation and Edibites for my nervous nellies when it’s storming. LOVE this stuff, I always recommend it to my friends.”