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How CBD Hemp Oil Helped a Loving Dog Celebrate His 16th Birthday

How CBD Hemp Oil Helped a Loving Dog Celebrate His 16th Birthday
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Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 1000 CBD Hemp Oil helped Tito celebrate his 16th birthday.

Tito’s story is heartwarming, and we’re so proud our USDA Certified Organic CBD Hemp Oil helped Tito reach this incredible benchmark.

About Tito

Tito became a foster dog at 13 years old with his sister Nina after their owner unexpectedly died. Through a Facebook community, Tito became connected with the Richard family because of their proximity. Tito and his sister Nina were in need of a home, so the Richard’s agreed to foster the dogs after the accident.

After fostering the dogs for a few weeks, they found a forever home with the family. After receiving Tito’s medical records, the family learned he was prescribed painkillers. Though he was prescribed them, his new family chose not to medicate him unless he was visibly in pain because of the adverse side-effects associated with the drugs.

During his most recent trip to the veterinarian, Tito’s family learned he had congestive heart failure and kidney disease. The problems with his kidneys made it clear opioids were not a good option for the management of his pain. The family not knowing where to turn aided him to the best of their ability but felt frustrated by the lack of choices. Luckily, they discovered Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil just in time. The oil helps to relieve his pain and has stimulated his appetite making him stronger. It may not be a cure for his diseases, but it is giving Tito a pleasant life with more time left than his family thought possible.

Tito’s Testimonial

“Two-and-a-half years ago we fostered then adopted two older Spanish Water Dogs, as their owner had passed and they needed to stay together. Spanish Water Dogs are a highly intelligent breed that needs special care and attention if they are not socialized while young. The leaders of the Spanish Water Dog Association knew this could be a complicated case and allowed us to foster Nina and Tito because of our understanding of the breed, and it’s personality. It was a bit of work getting these two sweet babies to love and trust us, but they did come around and have been a huge part of our family. The eldest dog, Tito, who is 16 now, started having more severe health issues a few months ago. He stopped eating, lost considerable weight, and began to get visibly weak. He is quite old and even older for the breed. We had just put down our other Spanish Water Dog; we raised as a puppy, so the thought of losing another pet so close was very hard. Luckily, our middle daughter found a product that transformed Tito’s health.

Tito 2

In November of 2016, we were lucky enough to discover a company called Pet Releaf. At first, we tried the Edibites with Tito, and this seemed to relieve some of the pain he was in so we decided to give the CBD Hemp Oil 1000 – 300MG a try because of his size and the severity of his health conditions. The day we received the oil in the mail, was the night my husband and I talked about taking Tito into the vet to have him put to sleep. I am not exaggerating. Within four-eight hours of dosing Tito with two full droppers of the CBD oil each day, he started to respond. He began eating on his own, and his energy level grew. He is now on his second bottle of the oil, and his health is back to normal. I know he has kidney and heart issues, and I cannot cure this, but I am thrilled I can ease his suffering and that our family has more time with him. He does not get out of breath as easily as he did before the hemp oil. I’m not sure what the medicine does for his conditions, but Tito is back to being a relatively healthy 16-year-old. You gave us more precious time with our boy, and for that, we are forever grateful!!”

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