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How CBD Hemp Oil Stopped My 16-Year-Old Dog’s Seizures

How CBD Hemp Oil Stopped My 16-Year-Old Dog’s Seizures
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After suffering multiple seizures, 16-year-old Peter’s parents gave him Pet Releaf’s 300mg CBD Hemp Oil and he hasn’t experienced one since.

We recently spoke to Lisa who told us how Pet Releaf products gave her aging pup his life back.

The Pet Releaf Difference

Well, our story begins with Peter (age 15) having his 1st GM seizure in August of 2016. Of course, we took him to the vet who cautioned us that he may have epilepsy (adult onset) but wasn’t sure since there are many causes for seizures (especially in Senior dogs). He didn’t want to prescribe Phenobarbital or any other med just yet and said we should wait.

So wait we did. And in February of 2017 ( age 16 now), he had one more GM. Back to the vet. Blood tests were run, everything looked good so we waited again. Come March, he had 2 GM’s back to back days and our hearts broke. We knew something was wrong.

We rushed to the vet and Phenobarbital was prescribed and we consulted with a Neurologist who ran a whole series of tests, all of which came back negative. She said he may have a brain tumor but given Peter’s age and neurological deficits, we opted against an MRI. Plus our longtime vet, whom we trust implicitly advised against that or any other procedure requiring anesthesia.  So, once all this happened I started researching healthier alternatives to seizure medication and came across an interesting article on CBD Oil and seizures.

Reading this article gave me hope. I thought we were going to lose Pete at one point. So, we started Pet Releaf in late March, and since then he only has 1 small petite Mal seizure which was in May, and since May he’s been 100% seizure free!! We NEVER miss a dose of Pet Releaf and he gets it every night with dinner. We truly feel that your product has brought our boy back to life.

In addition to Peter being seizure free since starting your CBD Oil (300) we notice a whole slew of other things too!!  He is moving around a lot better and just generally “looks” better. He’s maintained and retained the muscle mass he’s always had and his coat looks beautiful too! We can’t say enough good things about Pet Releaf’s CBD Oil 300 and hope and pray we will be customers for years to come! Thank you for making such a wonderful product and giving us Pet parents (especially to Super Seniors) hope!! We love you guys!!!

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