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CBD Hemp Oil Customer Reviews and Testimonials

CBD Hemp Oil Customer Reviews and Testimonials
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Pet Releaf Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Pet Releaf loves their customers and we are so happy to see that our furry friends are doing better because of our CBD Hemp Oil products. We cannot wait to keep you updated on their progress!



“My hyperactive hound, Bogie, has a history of being very picky with treats and food. Not only does he absolutely love them, but he doesn’t get sick after scarfing them down in a matter of seconds. And he begged for more after! I’ve also noticed a decrease in anxiety, so I believe the CBD helped with that. A testimony to a truly multi-effective product.”


2nd Fetch

“Our friend has been using your drops on her older dog who is literally about to die. She said he had immediate improvement overnight and was able to move more freely and seemed in less pain the following day!! She is a believer!”



“I got this for my 8-year-old boxer. He has significant arthritis in his back knees, as well as spondylosis in all but 3 spinal vertebrae. I didn’t want to put him on long term pain meds knowing what affects that would have on his liver. After some research, I thought I’d give this a try. Within 3 days of taking this, he’s like a puppy again! Running, jumping, chasing rabbits, nothing’s stopping him! Absolutely will be a return customer!!!”




“My dogs love it and it helped with my oldest dog’s separation anxiety!!



“I’m using it for some additional help with pain & inflammation for my 10+ year old Newfoundland who has bone cancer. She’s seems to be more comfortable and sleeping better at night. Thank you!”



“I bought these for Christmas for my pups. However, it came in right when my older dog started having severe lower back/leg pain. These calmed him down enough until we could get him home to our regular vet. Will definitely repurchase!!”




“Love this product! It is helping my dog stay calm and in less pain from a leg injury. Thank you so much for such a helpful product!!! This product really helps my dog stay calm with less discomfort during a long healing process.”



“Another great purchase! Thank you! I think these little treats help my Sheltie with her anxiety issues.”



“My pets really love this product!!! Helps them with traveling and the stress of walking the streets of the cities!!!!”



“He seems to be doing well. He’s off the Prednisone and looking pretty good and is begging much less. The combination of quality food and the hemp drops seem to be suiting him well. Thank you!”



“I wanted to update you on my Huskies progress since starting Pet Releaf. Our husky, Bobo had his 1st seizure shortly after his 2nd birthday. Immediately we took him to our vet who then placed him on Pheno and recovery drugs. Since starting Pet Releaf in January, Bobo has only had 2 seizures. However, his seizures have shortened and he snaps out of them quickly. I have not had to use any recovery drugs on him since. Thank you for this wonderful product!”




“We have been on a long journey with our little Jujubee. First, let me tell you a little about her. She is currently a 6-year-old long haired Chihuahua.When we got her she was extremely sick with parasites and hyperglycemia. The previous owner did not take care of her very well. She was near death when she was a pup, however my husband and I dedicated ourselves to making her better. We would stay up countless nights feeding her sugar water, puppy milk, and puppy food until she was completely well. When she was about 4 we noticed she was having small seizures. We could not get a good diagnosis from our old vet so we did not think anything of it because she wasn’t bad.

Then we moved to Colorado when she was 5 years old and the seizures became more frequent. I took her to the vet with only inconclusive results. We spent over $500 on blood tests and no answers. The last vet visit they diagnosed her with epilepsy but they told us that she would need more tests to be sure. They gave us anti-convulsion medicine to help. We noticed a difference but then she got worse. She would have three or four a day. We became very worried. Still the vet could not come with a clear way of solving her issue. One day she had a cluster seizure and we noticed she would wobble back and forth and her motor skills were not as they used to be. She could not hold her balance, she seemed out of it. We thought the cluster seizure damaged her brain. We began to look into diet changes. We switched her to a healthy diet by home cooking her meals with chicken(no salt), carrots(no salt) and rice. It began to work on her but still she could not get her balance back and she still had seizures more than 4 times a week.

Then we heard about Pet Releaf, a natural handmade product that contains hemp oil to help with illnesses in dogs. We tried out the Pet Releaf Hemp Oil and the Natural Pet Releaf Treats. We noticed a huge change in her. Within weeks we noticed she would not have seizures as often. One day we noticed her wobbling had completely stopped. We stayed on a strict schedule of the Pet Releaf Hemp Oil and the Pet Releaf flavored natural treats. Our schedule was ¾ of hemp oil in the dropper in the morning, then we gave her the treats at 1pm, then again another ¾ of the dropper of hemp oil in the evening at 7pm, lastly we gave her another treat from Pet Releaf. We also switched her to natural treats to administer the hemp oil and she was on a strict NO SALT diet since she was on the anti-convulsion medicine, which contains Potassium Bromide. With patience, we noticed that she is seizure free for two weeks. Every now and then she will have a very small one but she is able to control herself. We can really attest to this product because we have tried everything and have had no answers to her endless pain from epilepsy. This product really works! We cannot thank this company enough for their amazing products!”
-Kevin and Lydia Duran


“Bootsie is doing so much better, I could see a difference after the first dose! Her energy improved, she still limps but is moving a lot faster and isn’t showing the signs of pain such as constant licking of her leg and ears pulled back…If she could talk I’m sure she’d thank you too. I’m so happy!”

-Pam, Doggy mom to an arthritic pug


ZoeZoe- Elizabeth Weiss

“She seems to be doing well…we almost went 9 days without a seizure. I increased the CBD oil and we added pheno to her seizure meds. The seizure she had on Thanksgiving was only 8 seconds long with a very quick recovery. Keeping our fingers crossed that she goes longer in between!”

-Elizabeth, Mom to 60 lb. boxer who has grand mal seizures every 3 days




“I just had a customer come in…He thanked me almost in tears for helping with Edibites. His sick dog was able to calm down and not irritate it’s sore skin. He was then able to put a topical solution on the sore and the dog then did not lick it off. He used two treats for dosage and thinks your product is the best of every medicine he has tried for his dog.”

Todd Escudiar




“Kota, an 8.5-year-old Siberian Husky, lives at Animal Town Sanctuary in California, has suffered from cluster seizures for over 6 years. He will typically have 2-3 Grand Mal seizures every 20 days.

He has been under doctors care since he was 2 and has been prescribed a combination of potassium bromide and phenobarbital. He also takes epsilyte and a few other vitamins to try to lessen his seizures . Kota is on a grain free, raw diet as well. He has even had a few visits with a canine acupuncturist.

Not one medicine or therapy has cured Kota from his seizures but the combination of medicines and herbs have lessened the length of the seizures and intensity. We have decided to take it one step further and have had Kota on CBD therapy for over 2 weeks.
We have seen immediate changes. His mood was much better. He was more social with the other rescues and more social with the humans at the sanctuary. He was more awake than he usually was and was even wagging his tail and playing with the others at times. All of these are positive, new behaviors.

We are very happy with the results of Pet Releaf so far. We are hopeful that it improves Kotas quality of life and helps him with his lifelong battle with canine epilepsy”

-Travis, Animal Town Sanctuary. Doggy dad to an Epileptic Husky


CBD Hemp Oil Testimonial from Korea


저희 뚱이는 10살 시추입니다.

까칠하긴해도 불안장애 및 헛짖음 없고 아주 의젓한 성격인대요..

약 일년전부터 뚱이는 저녁 식사후 거의 2시간 정도를 온몸을 심하게 떨고 불안해 했습니다. 마치 유령이라도 본것처럼요.

너무 불안해하여 저의 일상생활이 불편할정도로 안아 주어야했습니다.

안아줘도 불안증과 공포는 사라지지않고 2시간쯤 지나야 지쳐 잠이 들었습니다.

한달에 2~3번 빼고는 거의 매일 그랬습니다. 그렇게 1년을 보내니 저희도 습관처럼 무심하게 여기게 되었어요.

햄프오일 급여 후..첫날부터 효과가 나타났습니다..

처음엔 우연이라고 생각했는데 2일, 3일, 4일째..계속 불안한 증상 없이 저녁을 안정되고 한가롭게 보내는 일상이 지속되는 것을 보고 우연이 아님을 알게되었습니다.

알수없는 공포와 불안감이 사라진 후 뚱이는 공놀이도하면서 점점 몸과 마음에 활력이 생기기 시작 했읍니다.

이런 마법같은 일이 작은 스포이드로 해결 되었다는 게 참 신비로운 일인 것 같습니다..

과거를 생각해보니 늦게 중성화수술 후 유난히 회복이 느려서 걱정을 많이 했었어요. 병원에서도 회복이 더딘 것을 보고 많이 의아해했습니다.

불안하고 힘들었던 뚱이의 마음을 제대로 헤아리지못해 생긴 일인 것 같아 많이 미안했습니다.

너무 무심하고 무지했던 저를 반성하게 하는 큰 계기가 되었습니다.

본 제품을 만들어준 펫릴리프와 이를 저에게 소개시켜준 오래오래닷컴께 진심으로 감사드립니다

English Translation

Our dog DDoong is 10 years old. She is little picky from time to time but other than that she does not bark nor suffers from any anxiety disorder. She is a very mature loveable dog.

However, starting about a year ago, around after dinner time she would shiver her body like she had just seen a ghost and become very anxious. During these hours I would have to hold her until she comes down and falls asleep.

It has been over a year since she started with this and slowly we all became so used to this situation and numb that did not put much effort to improve DDoong’s condition.

Recently, we learned about Pet Releaf Hemp Oil and from day one we started to see the difference in DDoong. At first, I thought that it was just a coincidence but when I witnessed the effect on third and the fourth day I knew then that it was the Hemp oil that is making the difference. Our evening routine has changed, no more suffering from anxiousness and shivering from whatever that was haunting DDoong. Now, she is very active and her play time is more energetic than ever.

It is just so amazing what a small drop could do~ such wonders.

Come to think of it, when she had surgery for neutering, it took a long time for her to recover from it and vet also mentioned that it was unusual. I was just so unwitting and ignorant at the time not knowing and understanding what DDoong was going through. She must have been so scared and nervous and I just did not think much of it. And maybe that was the trigger of all this.

I am just very grateful to Pet Releaf for making this hemp oil and thank Oraeorae.com (Aromnaom Company) for introducing this product to me. I am so happy that I am able to do something for DDoong. Thank you all from bottom of my heart~!

-DDoong’s Mom from Seoul, Korea

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