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How Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil Relieved My Dog’s Arthritis Pain

How Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil Relieved My Dog’s Arthritis Pain
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How Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 330 helped Cinnamon manage her arthritis pain


We recently spoke with Joyce, who told us that Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 330 helped her 9-year-old pup, Cinnamon, manage her arthritis pain.

The Pet Releaf Difference

“My beagle/boston mix, Cinnamon, turned 9 in April. She has slowed down a LOT in the last couple of years. She mostly heaves herself around by her front half as her back end is pretty stiff and arthritic.

I ordered a $40 bottle to give it a try. I gave her the first dose in the evening on the day it came in the mail. The next morning, she was moving around more.

She had gotten to where she wouldn’t even get up to get her share of dinner plate scraps (I know, but my husband does it). Anyway, she now gets up again just to visit or lick me – I almost cried the first time because it’s been so long.

This product works and works immediately!”

How to help your pups experiencing illness or injury

Unlike humans, our furry companions can’t express when they’re experiencing pain which can sometimes cause us to catch illnesses or injuries at very progressed stages. Pet Releaf certified USDA organic CBD-infused products have incredible anti-inflammatory properties and because most illnesses and injuries start with some type of inflammation, our product line offers pet parents an all-natural method that they can feel confident will provide more efficient and effective healing.

Have questions or concerns about our products and whether or not they’re the right fit for you pup?  Email info@petreleaf.com