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How CBD Hemp Oil Relieved My Dog’s Cushings Disease Symptoms

How CBD Hemp Oil Relieved My Dog’s Cushings Disease Symptoms
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How CBD Hemp Oil Relieved My Dog’s Cushings Disease Symptoms

We recently spoke to Ashley, the manager of a Kriser’s Natural Pet, who gave her dog, Sheebah, Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 1000 to see how it would help manage her Cushings Disease symptoms.

The Pet Releaf Difference

“We started using CBD oil several months after our Sheebah was diagnosed with Cushings Disease.

She had developed literally every symptom of this disease within a matter of weeks. Excessive weight gain, severe anxiety, bloated stomach, muscle pain, excessive thirst, red bloodshot eyes, loss of appetite, and even aggression towards her animal siblings.

We gave her first dose of CBD on an empty stomach as recommended and within an hour she was laying in the living room sound asleep, no panting, no whining, just calm and relaxed. From then her other symptoms greatly subsided.

She was not excessively thirsty, she did not appear anxious, her skin and eyes returned to normal, and her appetite was good. I firmly believe our girl would not have lasted as long without this amazing product. I would recommend it to anyone whose dog is suffering chronically like ours was.

Pet Releaf is doing some amazing work by putting a product on the market that relieves such a wide range of health issues without any negative affect on you pets. I am so grateful for this product!”

How to help your pups experiencing illness or injury

Unlike humans, our furry companions can’t express when they’re experiencing pain which can sometimes cause us to catch illnesses or injuries at very progressed stages. Pet Releaf certified USDA organic CBD-infused products have incredible anti-inflammatory properties and because most illnesses and injuries start with some type of inflammation, our product line offers pet parents an all-natural method that they can feel confident will provide more efficient and effective healing.

Have questions or concerns about our products and whether or not they’re the right fit for you pup?  Email info@petreleaf.com